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BRT supplies proven system under the name of SORT-O-MAT Ballistic Separator.


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Material sorting based on ballistic separation is applicable for the most different kinds of waste. This separation method is as simple as precise.


BRT supplies this proven system under the name of  SORT-O-MAT Ballistic Separator.


The SORT-O-MAT Ballistic Separator separates the components of a material stream

utilizing their individual physical properties.


The in-feed material is charged onto an inclined surface circling round an horizontal axle. This so-called paddle moves the materials in a ballistic flight curve on the rising paddle surface.


Depending on their physical properties the individual materials show different behaviours:


Light weight, flat parts like paper or plastic foils move upwards and are being discharged at the upper end of the separator’s paddle surface. These materials form the light fraction.


Heavy, corporeal materials roll in the opposite direction. They are collected at the lower end of the paddle and are discharged as heavy fraction.


The third material category is the screen fraction. It consists of materials which fell through the perforated paddle surface. The hole size is variable and can be selected

according to the operational requirements. 


In addition, the components of the light fraction and heavy fraction are cleaned from

adhering dirt through the intense mechanical material treatment.


And all this with a selectivity of 90%.


BRT supplies the SORT-O-MAT Ballistic Separator in different sizes and designs

according to the individual operational requirements.



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