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Brüel & Kjær and BridgeNet form business partnership to improve airports' management of community impact


First member of the ANOMS Business Partner Network to provide a 3-D display for airport community engagement service

3rd June 2015 -- Brüel & Kjær today announced a partnership with California-based BridgeNet International to deliver more innovative and diverse products for airport customers.

The alliance, the first in the new ANOMS Business Partner Network, will expand BridgeNet’s global reach and capitalize on the two companies’ strengths.

Brüel & Kjær’s ANOMS (Airport Noise and Operations Monitoring System) currently assists more than 250 airports around the world with noise abatement processes and effective community relations to better manage their impact on neighboring communities. Incorporated into ANOMS, WebTrak delivers online real-time flight and noise information to the public for improved communication.

The first offering from BridgeNet is Flight 3D, which works with WebTrak to display flight tracks in three dimensions to make it easier for the public to visualize a plane’s flight path relative to their location. Webtrak also makes it easier for users to understand airport-related information, such as noise and weather. Further offerings are in development and will be available later this year.

“By providing enhanced information, our customers can build trust and strengthen engagement with surrounding communities,” said Brüel & Kjær Global Sales Director Robert Brodecky “We expect the partnership to spark new innovations and strengthen our ability help airports keep and grow their business.”

“Our relationship with Brüel & Kjær will significantly help develop our business globally,” said BridgeNet President Paul Dunholter. “This alliance will enable us to make the most of our individual abilities and provide customers with access to pioneering solutions.”

ANOMS is an open and extensible platform for airport noise and operations management. The ANOMS Business Partner Network enables Brüel & Kjær to connect leading-edge solution providers with our customers.



About Brüel & Kjær

Brüel & Kjær ( solve sound and vibration challenges, and develops advanced technology for measuring and managing sound and vibration.

As a specialist in this domain, the company helps customers ensure component quality, enhance product performance and monitor operational compliance.

Over more than 70 years, many of Brüel & Kjær’s research and development people have become recognized global experts, who aid the scientific community and teach at renowned centres.

The application of experience and technology promotes quality and efficiency at every stage of a product’s life cycle: design, development, manufacture, deployment and operation.

Through mastering sound and vibration, Brüel & Kjær helps to accelerate business growth and improves environmental quality.

Brüel & Kjær is a subsidiary of UK-based Spectris plc ( which has annual sales of £1.1bn and employs around 7,500 people worldwide across its four business segments.

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