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Brüel & Kjær introduce new hand-held analyzer


Four years on from the unprecedented success of award-winning Hand-held Analyzer Type 2250, it’s time to push the boundaries even further!

Presenting the latest innovation and addition to our growing family of hand-held analyzers – the highly advanced, powerful and versatile Type 2270. Precise and reliable, we think it’s another milestone instrument for Brüel & Kjær.

Built on the Type 2250 design, Type 2270 continues to blend the best of today’s hand-held technologies with over 60 years of producing high-quality sound and vibration measurements solutions.

The unmistakable look and styling of Type 2270 can overshadow a number of discrete yet equally significant distinctions that make it the complete toolbox for sound and vibration professionals. So what makes it subtly distinctive?

• Integrated digital camera (to aid documentation of the measurement environment)
• Two-channel measurement capability (two measurement locations in one hand-held analyzer)
• Integrated LAN and USB interfaces (offering fast data transfer to PC and remote control and monitoring of Type 2270
• Environmental protection IP44

Type 2270 also boasts a wide range of application software modules that can be licensed separately so you get what you need when you need it with the convenience of adding to measurement capability as and when your needs grow. Versatile to the extreme!

Currently available measurement software includes:
• Sound Level Meter application
• Real-time frequency analysis
• Logging (noise level profiling)
• Sound and vibration recording
• Building acoustics applications
• Tonal assessment option

Type 2270 meets head on the demands of today’s wide-ranging sound and vibration measurement tasks with the accuracy and reliability associated with Brüel & Kjær instrumentation.

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