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Bruel and Kjaer Keeps finger on PULSE


Leading sound and vibration expert Bruel & Kjaer has launched PULSE 12 - the latest version of the next addition to its PULSE data analysis platform family – specially developed utilising input from over 250 Engineers worldwide.

Bruel and Kjaer conducted themed workshops, in many different countries around the world, to gather information from ‘real-life’ work scenarios of sound and vibration engineers. Following this, PULSE 12’s applications were then developed to implement their needs and avoid pitfalls that came to light during the research.

A good example of how this method worked is PULSE’s new Smart Start tool, which was developed to make it easier for users to set the analyser up. A step-by-step guide takes them through the system start up, allowing users to make data acquisition and analysis much faster.

PULSE users can also take full advantage of Microsoft’s enhanced operating system, Windows Vista, when analysing, reporting or archiving the data via PULSE 12, as it’s one of the first analysers - of this type - to support Microsoft Windows Vista and Office 2007.

PULSE is suitable for a wide range of tests, from simple analysis to very elaborate array-based acoustic measurements, including noise source identification, modal analysis, testing of acoustic properties and evaluation of noise emissions.

This is Bruel and Kjaer’s 12th release of its PULSE software system - and with 12 generations of software and three generations of hardware, it has provided continued compatibility, allowing customers to implement staged upgrades, instead of changing to an entirely new system each time.

Currently there are more than 8,000 PULSE systems in use globally, used primarily by automotive, aerospace and telecommunication industries for Research and Development.

For more information about PULSE 12, please visit: or contact Bruel & Kjaer UK on 01438 739 000.

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