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Bruel & Kjaer launch high temperature accelerometers


Until now accelerometers designed for use with a constant current power supply have been limited to a maximum temperature in the order of 120-125°C, but recent advances in design have enabled Bruel & Kjaer to design an accelerometer capable of continuous operation up to 180°C.

Bruel & Kjaer’s newThetaShear®1 accelerometer Type 4526 design provides low susceptibility to temperature transients and two versions of this new accelerometer are available, the 4526 with 100mV/g sensitivity and the 4526-001 with a sensitivity of 10mV/g

ThetaShear®1 is the new (patented) ThetaShear® design consisting of a central mass and two piezoelectric elements which undergo a shear deformation when the accelerometer is subjected to a mechanical vibration along its main axis.

DeltaTron®2 name identifies products that operate with a constant-current power supply and give output signals in the form of voltage modulation on the power supply line.

The 4526 is ideally suited for such applications as gas turbine auxiliary equipment, environmental stress screening, automotive engine and exhaust systems.

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