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Bruel & Kjaer’s totally un-PC domestic noise monitors


Leading sound and vibration expert, Bruel & Kjaer UK has launched a ‘PC-less’ version of its domestic noise monitoring systems, MATRON-3 and MATRON-Light, to help local authorities avoid the resources drain of IT support.

Many businesses and councils use external IT support teams, but each visit to install software costs money and is likely to entail management approval, which is time consuming. Even for those with internal IT resources, the waiting list to get help can be long.

Bruel & Kjaer UK’s new MATRON, runs as a complete, stand-alone, PC-less Neighbour Noise Monitoring System, which doesn’t require the power of a PC to display logged measurements or to play back sound recordings. It provides Class 1 measurement of noise logged continuously every second and sound recordings, which the operator can playback directly from the MATRON system to headphones or speakers.

The new system still features PC playback and viewing software, so the meter is free for use, whilst another user can continue analysing results already recorded via their PC.

MATRON-3 records to an industry standard Secure Digital (SD) or Compact Flash (CF) memory card. The system’s Type 2250 noise analyser provides fully calibrated, traceable noise results to help avoid the legal ramifications of incorrect analysis, so if there’s any dispute over values, users have traceability and accredited calibration.

Set up only takes a couple of minutes, the microphone and remote control are connected to the sound level meter before being secured inside the inner case, ready for operation. This case is then locked to prevent interference with the calibrated instrumentation. The system is transported in a standard briefcase, so that operators arrive and leave a property with the same case, allowing discreet installation without arousing observers’ suspicions. An extension cable allows remote positioning of the tripod-mounted microphone and a simple hand-switch enables complainants to start and stop the recording process. A clear indicator on the hand-switch lights to confirm that recording is in progress.

Meanwhile, the sound level meter continuously measures and stores noise results for comparison before, during and after, so that investigating officers can hear what led to a complainant initiating sound recording and detect any deliberate provocations. The operator can choose to set the pre-trigger sound recording time (up to one minute 50 seconds), post-trigger sound recordings (up to five minutes) and timed sound recordings.

MATRON-3 is a robust and reliable system, using memory card storage to eliminate mechanical components. However, when needed, after care is much simpler as calibration or repairs can be booked online and systems are collected free of charge.

A wide range of software and tools is available, enabling fast and efficient processing of results.

Customer support is readily available in the UK by telephone or a user-orientated website (instructions and application notes are available unlike many sales-orientated websites) or a local Engineer can visit to get them started. Training courses or remote webex internet courses are also available.

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