Bruel & Kjaer UK supports ISVR course

Sound and vibration equipment expert, Bruel & Kjaer UK, is pleased to announce its sponsorship of the Institute of Sound & Vibration Research (ISVR) 2009 Advanced Course.

The course is made up of a three-day core element - preceded by an optional two day refresher in the principles of vibration and acoustics. After they have completed the refresher segment, attendees spend the rest of the course receiving training within one of the following, specialist areas:

Noise Control - Noise in industry, in the work place and in the community can potentially degrade quality of life. The implementation of effective and economic noise control requires an appreciation of the fundamentals of acoustics and modern techniques for its measurement and characterisation. This Advanced Course in Noise Control outlines the underlying principles of noise control, examines the character of noise in some key applications and discusses how noise may be reduced by design or through palliative treatment.

Structural Dynamics - Vibration can be a limiting factor on the performance, precision, durability, comfort and environmental impact of engineering structures. The potential to design structures to meet ever more demanding targets is greatly enhanced by contemporary measurement and numerical prediction tools. However, it is the engineer’s understanding of the problem and judgement in selecting and exploiting these tools to greatest advantage that helps to realise their benefits. This Advanced Course in Structural Dynamics helps delegates to fully appreciate the nature of structural dynamics and provides an overview of the potential and applicability of some measurement and analysis techniques.

Aeroacoustics - The prediction and control of flow generated noise poses some of the most important and challenging problems in acoustics. These problems form the basis of aeroacoustics. Typical applications include turbomachinery noise, aerodynamically generated noise in ducts and air moving systems, noise generated by unsteady flow over airframes and motor vehicles and, most challenging of all, noise generated by unsteady turbulent mixing in jets and wakes.

The Advanced Course in Aeroacoustics provides an introduction to such phenomena, with an emphasis on the physics and modelling that underpin predictive acoustic analysis. The material presented on this course forms a sound practical basis for acousticians and engineers working at an advanced level in any of the above areas.

The training sessions will take place between 7th and 11th September at the University of Southampton Nuffield Theatre complex.

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