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Bruker introduces the integrated camera and small spot options for the S1 TITAN Handheld XRF Analyzer


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KENNEWICK, Washington -- Bruker Elemental is pleased to announce the introduction of two new options for the S1 TITAN Handheld XRF analyzer- an integrated camera option and a small spot collimator option. The camera helps ensure accurate measurement positioning to “zero in” on specific areas of interest. The small spot collimator creates a smaller focus area for the X-ray energies and thus allows better control of what area is analyzed- especially if combined with the camera option. This can be especially important when you want to analyze just one color on a toy or inspect just the weld seam on a pipe or pressure vessel.

Up to 5 images may be saved with each assay. The images become a seamless part of the assay results, thus creating a secure link between the data and the image. This is especially critical when you need documented confirmation (both visual and analytical) of what material or part of the sample that was analyzed. Because of the secure integration of images, it is very simple to import the results into a comprehensive report which combines the analytical data and images.

The small spot option provides a small measurement area for the isolation of small features to be tested, however, thanks to the SharpBeamTM feature of the S1 TITAN the precision and accuracy of the measurement are the same as for the normal spot. There is no need to extend the measurement time to achieve the desired precision.

The camera and small spot collimator options are available for both the S1 TITANLE, the SDD based analyzer, as well as the S1 TITANSP, the Si-PIN based analyzer. These optional accessories can be ordered with either model when buying a new unit.

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