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Sound and vibration expert, Bruel and Kjaer UK is now taking bookings for its autumn training courses, including sessions with technical lectures on acoustic and vibration subjects, as well as practical equipment training:

Type 2250 User Training for environmental measurements training goes through the basics; from setting the meter up for different types of environmental measurement, through to advanced tips and tricks, such as creating user setups and runs through a number of measurement exercises with the 2250 instrument.
Type 2250 User Training for environmental measurements - 09th Sept 2008

Practical Use of Sound Level Meters is aimed at all new users of sound level meters looking to acquire the necessary measurement skills, as quickly as possible and is also suitable for more experienced users looking for a quick refresher.

Practical Use of Sound Level Meters Stevenage - 16th Oct, 08

Beneficial for Engineers hoping to improve their understanding of the response of humans to vibration, the Human Vibration Measurement course explores how vibration relates to health hazards, comfort and perception.
It examines measurement of whole-body and hand-arm vibration - and measurement uncertainties - in assessing risk to health in compliance with EU Directive 2002/44/EC. It’s ideal for technicians, engineers, safety officers and consultants working with occupational health departments, manufacturers of machinery causing vibration, mobile machinery (e.g. construction, freight, etc.), manufacturers of anti-vibration pads, seats or personal protection equipment.
Human Vibration Measurement - 18th Sept, 08

The PULSE Basic & Advanced User Training course has been created specially for PULSE users to learn how to design solutions that meet all their multi-channel sound and vibration measurement needs - and covers both the basics and the more advanced features of the company’s PULSE multi-analyzer system. There’s also an optional third day session, called PULSE Visual Basic Programming, focusing on the fundamentals of Visual Basic for Applications (VBA), programming and how to apply them to automate simple measurement tasks in the PULSE Labshop.

PULSE Basic & Advanced User Training with PULSE Visual Basic Programming Option - 21st, 22nd & 23rd Oct, 08

Use of Software (Type 7820) for processing results from 2250 course is suitable for 2250 Sound Level Analyzer and 7820 Evaluator software users looking to get the most from their software.
This one day course works through the UK Field Guide, teaching the basics and problem solving using the 7820 software. Application of the methods used against real case studies will be discussed and assessed.
Use of Software (Type 7820) for processing results from 2250 - 10th Sept, 08

The Sound Insulation Measurement course is an introduction for anyone new to measuring building acoustics, room acoustics – and is suitable for those unfamiliar with Bruel & Kjaer’s sound level meters such as the 2260 ‘Investigator’, 2250 or 2270 Sound Level Analysers with Building Acoustics or room acoustic modules.
Sound Insulation Measurements - 25th Sept, 08

PULSE User Day is a focused seminar for customers to learn about and discuss the most current version of this data acquisition system. It includes a product introduction, an overview of the features in the most current release and covers future enhancements and developments.
PULSE User Day - 25th Nov, 08

Principles of Acoustics is recommended for all users of Sound Level Analyzer and Spectrum Analysis equipment, such as 1/3 Octave Analyzers, who would like to acquire a good basic understanding of acoustic and measurement principles, for a variety of applications such as noise abatement, product labelling and building acoustics.

Principles of Acoustics - 14th-15th Oct, 08

Vibration Measurement is a two day course on how to correctly select an

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