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BSI achieves greenhouse gas emissions verification


Source: BSI Management Systems Canada Inc.

BSI Management Systems America, Inc. (BSI) was recently awarded accreditation to ISO 14065 for Greenhouse Gas (GHG) emission verification from the American National Standards Institute (ANSI). This accreditation places BSI amongst the few recognized GHG emission verification bodies in North America.

As global warming concerns continue to command our attention in Canada and the world, the need for environmental responsibility is of utmost importance to all organizations. GHG emissions measurement and verification is one way for businesses to measure their GHG and take steps to reduce their carbon footprint. Independent verification of GHG assertions provides assurance that GHG emissions monitoring, measuring, and inventory are properly managed and accounted at organizational or facility level against governing regional or international standards.

Over the past 10 years numerous voluntary GHG emission disclosure initiatives and mandatory regulatory reporting frameworks have emerged. As part of them, some governments have already established or are in process of establishing a cap-and-trade emissions trading system, including Canada.

As part of the plans to meet the Air Emission Regulatory Framework, the Federal Government in Canada is working on establishing Canada’s Offset System for Greenhouse Gases. Provincial Governments have also joined regional initiatives where market-based cap and trade programs are being developed, e.g., the Western Climate Initiative (WCI), and the Climate Action Reserve (CAR).

'As considerable volumes of emissions result directly or indirectly from energy use, a comprehensive GHG emission inventory often enables organizations to identify opportunities to increase the efficiency of their operations, reduce energy consumption, and realize measurable cost savings,' says Marc Cuellar, Product Development Manager at BSI. 'A well-designed and executed GHG emission management program and verification by an accredited verifier, such as BSI, not only provides management with assured certification but, most importantly, it brings rigor and discipline to an organization's energy management program.'

“BSI’s global presence, extensive experience and technical expertise in GHG emission verification make us the natural choice for any industry and company size” says Diane Pryde, President, BSI Canada.

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