BST Announces New “Safer Together” Track at the Safety in Action® Conference


We are proud to announce a special Safer Together track offered at this year's Safety in Action Conference. Join us in Orlando, Florida as we present the following sessions from this new track:

BST's Safer Together Initiative
In this session, BST representatives will give an overview and some examples of the 'Safer Together' initiative that is designed to expand the behavior-based safety concepts beyond job activities.

Off the Job Safety
This session demonstrates that the principles of behavioral science apply equally to off-the-job and on-the-job situations. This session integrates behavioral science with practical off-the-job applications.

Reducing the Risk of Motor Vehicle Incidents
This session will be a panel discussion focusing on how PG&E has managed to address driving exposure and their results in reducing MVI's for the company.

Addressing SIF Potential at Home
This session provides fresh insights from BST's serious-injury-and-fatality trend data and examines what it all means for home safety.

Making Safety Leadership Hit Home
This session will apply concepts of physical hazard inspection, effective feedback, and transformational leadership to the home environment, where it can often be more challenging to lead with safety.

Distracted Driving and the Cell Phone Myth
This session draws from the field of neuroscience to understand the distracted brain and provide you with information you can take back to your organization (or to your family), and ensure meaningful policies are established so employees are never distracted while driving.

Motor Vehicle Safety – How Can Behavior-Based Safety Concepts Apply?
In this session, learn how to reduce exposure in your mobile workforce by applying the four elements of behavior-based safety to the operation of motor vehicles (cars, trucks, and buses) on public roadways.

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