BUCHI DuMaster D-480 – Profit even more


Source: BÜCHI Labortechnik AG

You cope with high sample loads for QC and declaration purposes with little changes in the sample matrices. Our solution «Protein Determination Dumas» offers sample throughput of up to 300 samples per day, overnight operation without supervision and an easy-to-use operation concept.

  • Costs cutting per analysis combined with simple maintenance
  • Cost effective thanks to the new Reductor-Regainer technology
  • Unattended operation of up to 120 samples without interaction
  • Rapid analysis time of approximately 4 minutes per sample

Solution «Protein Determination Dumas»

DuMaster D-480

Unattended and flexible protein determination
The DuMaster D-480 enables unattended and flexible determination of nitrogen or protein according to the Dumas combustion method. The short analysis time of approximately 4 minutes per sample, coupled with the built-in autosampler accommodating up to 120 samples, makes this instrument perfectly suitable for high throughput without supervision.

Product «DuMaster D-480»

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