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Buenos Aires bottling company CABELMA is first to introduce innovative PET waste sorting system in South America

Source: TOMRA Sorting GmbH

Buenos Aires-based bottling and plastic container manufacturer CABELMA will be the first company in South America to benefit from a world-class sensor-based PET waste sorting system when it is installed at its new $23.5m recycling plant currently being constructed on the outskirts of its home city.

Manufactured by TITECH Germany, the PET waste sorting system will enable Cabelma to recover transparent PET fractions quicker and more efficiently than ever before. Able to sort a throughput of 5.2 tonnes waste per hour, the system uses infrared sensors to grade the purity of the fractions in an instant ensuring the high quality recovered fractions.

Mr. Pedro Barandiaran, Project Manager of Cabelma said: 'We are totally committed to recycling as much of our PET products as possible and TITECH's waste sorting system will play a significant in helping us achieve that objective. When we designed the new plant we were clear in wanting it to utilise the very latest and best technologies available and that led us to specifying a TITECH system.

'The machine's ability to operate quickly and accurately will improve the overall efficiencyof our recycling process and ensure that our new plant sets the standards for PET recycling throughout South America.'

Carlos Manchado, TITECH's sales and marketing manager for South America, commented: 'The management team at CABELMA have a specific vision about recycling and we are working closely with them to ensure that our system allows them to achieve.

We are extremely pleased that our sorting system has been specified for this prestigious project as it will showcase our Product to Argentina and the rest of South America. It is our intention to build upon this exciting entrance into the South American marketplace by exploring other relevant applications of our systems throughout the continent.'