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The team has used the last few weeks to fix low priority / non critical bugs.

The fixed bugs and minor modifications include:

  1. New Default page for grid pages. It will now default to the Throughput page to increase performance.
  2. PON Tracker problem with the initialization of a new variation is fixed.
  3. Process Water capture via web service has been updated
  4. Surface water and ground water has been added as new stream types
  5. A chemical component bug has been fixed.
  6. Ew: Tracers - Inconsistent use of units. Fixed.
  7. Null pointer exception for a PON report has been fixed
  8. Pon Input NullPointerException for Fixed
  9. PonInputAdd error due to missing installation id has been fixed.
  10. PON - move use/discharge when version/variation is approved. Fixed.
  11. The wrong column header is presented in the EEMS report Operational Waste. Fixed. (The XML was fine)
  12. UOM: Implement decimal configuration for Emissions > Other
  13. UOM: Implement decimal configuration for Accidental Discharges
  14. Units per day has been removed as it is no longer relevant
  15. Fitnesse: fix TestFlareStreamSummaryByFlare. Fixed
  16. UOM: Units Profile not registering. Fixed.
  17. Error message under configuration > installation when required input is not met has been implemented
  18. A few stored procedures was updated to enable longer user names
  19. HTTP500 when deleting a field/installation connection. Fixed.
  20. Decimals under Drilling has been updated
  21. Emissions > Loading and storage: The unit was added to the column VOC recovery regularity.
  22. The Show/Hide factors feature was removed from the Emissions > Loading and storage page.
  23. Turbines/engines/boilers - Unex. Error when clicking tabs after tree-change. Better error handling of incorrect use of the functionallity in Nems Accounter has been implemented.
  24. The FitNesse tests were updated and are all green.
  25. Configuration > Fields: It is now longer possible to delete a connection. This will avoid accidental data deletion. The feature used to generate an error message if any data where present.
  26. Unnecessary information have been removed from the Configuration > Installation page.
  27. Problem with SUB AND PLONOR column not behaving as expected has been fixed.
  28. The chemical pages will now keep the state after editing.
  29. Wells will no longer require access update before save under configuration.
  30. All emissions report was migrated.
  31. Configuration > Fields has been set up with better exception handling.
  32. New streams pages for water and production has been made. These will be available under Menu > Facility. This fix will be published after Easter.
  33. An exception bug was fixed for a stream content report.

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