BUGS redefines its mission in the environmental industry

U.S. Microbics, an environmental enhancement company, announced that it is redefining its mission in the environmental industry by offering financial consulting services and creative growth strategies for seasoned companies with innovative green technologies, organic consumables, or eco-friendly products that enhance the environment.

The company provides consulting, administrative, and investor relations services through its financial services subsidiary, USM Capital Group, Inc. which specializes in helping developmental stage companies with proven business models and growth potential obtain the capital they need to meet their strategic plan. The company provides pre-public fund raising strategies for private companies and bridge capital funding plans using equity capital for public companies. 

Robert Brehm CEO commented, “BUGS is going through a metamorphosis from its beginnings as an environmental biotechnology company into a remediation services company to its current emphasis of providing value added financial consulting services for developing environmental companies based upon its skill, knowledge and experience in the environmental industry as a public company.”

 Brehm went on to say, “We have persevered as a company because we believe in the technology and its benefits and as such have spent many years and financial resources organically growing the business based upon the environmental cleanup paradigm, “treat the source not the symptom”. However the environmental industry is changing with the green awakening of global warming, sustainable energy and agriculture, organic and aqua farming, recycling, and a myriad of other technologies to make this earth a better place to live. Concurrent with these changes is the need, by new product and service innovators, for allied consulting support services based on our many experiences and so BUGS must also change for its future success.”

 Brehm continued, “Our core competency is our environmental industry knowledge, our ability to adapt to adverse conditions, our financial experience as a public environmental company and our expertise in raising capital at times when most thought it was impossible. Seasoned environmental-related companies seeking growth capital, acquisition or a public presence need our services so that they can fast-track their success using our experience.”

 Brehm summarized, “BUGS has developed an innovative technology, grown with the environmental industry, recognized its trends and is now in the process of continuing to adopt to these trends for the benefit of industry growth, corporate growth, shareholder profitability and a cleaner, healthier world for generations to come. Our shareholders and clients will experience a dramatic change as we forge into the 2008 with our new mission.”

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