Building a well one bottle at a time


Do we really need another recyclable water bottle? If the answer comes in a contemporary, stainless steel water bottle made by Isabella Water then the answer is yes. Isabella Water is doing more than just providing you with an eco-friendly alternative to filling up landfills with plastic bottles; they are also using part of the money you spend on the bottle to help fund well-building projects in Africa and Asia. Isabella Water is a socially conscious water company founded on the principle that everyone deserves clean water and is doing its part to make this principle come to life.

Isabella founder Nick Ogden is putting his money where his mouth is, literally. As a former private equity broker Ogden spent most of his time doing exactly what he doesn't want you to do. He found himself becoming wasteful, buying a water bottle outside of airport security only to have to toss it and buy a new one on the other side of the checkpoint. He would take long showers and let his sink run unnecessary amounts, really not thinking of how and where his clean water supply originated.

Through his extensive travels he found himself picking up small traits from eco-conscience people in Oregon and Colorado. He started using recyclable water bottles rather than adding to the heaping mountain of plastic as he once had. He started sharing his ideas of using a recyclable bottle with his friends and was alarmed at what he learned. He was told that 1 in 8 people don't have access to clean drinking water, and it only takes $20.00 to build a well project. That was all Ogden needed to hear to initiate a change.

Earlier this year he kissed corporate America goodbye and founded Isabella Water with a mission to create more awareness for the need of clean drinking water.

'I decided the fastest way to make that cultural shift is to give people more incentive to feel good about drinking out of reusable water bottles,' said Ogden. 'We hope it gets people to feel good about what they drink out of and promotes our values of health, the environment and altruism.'

Ogden and Isabella Water are doing just that and taking his idea to the people. Today, he launched a nationwide tour, in a Keystone RV, designed to tap into local communities and retailers through exciting events.

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