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Building Demolition and Implosion Videos by Universal Wrecking Corp


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Videos of Demolition and Implosion

Come see our YouTube Demolition and Wrecking Video Channel.  Our Demolition and Wrecking Video Channel has videos of Universal Wrecking Corp performing building demolition, wrecking, controlled implosions by mechanical means, and other types of demolition

Please see our Demolition Videos .  We hope you find them interesting and entertaining.

About Universal Wrecking Corp.

Universal Wrecking Corp. is one of the premier demolition contractor and scrap metal removal services in the United States. Demolition and recycling services include commercial and industrial demolition, interior demolition and renovations, scrap metal recycling and removal, dismantlement, tank farm and silo demolition, warehouse interior demolitions and pallet racking removals, mezzanine and conveyor removals, mobile and portable onsite concrete crushing, demolition and recycling equipment rentals and wrecking.

Contact Information

Universal Wrecking Corp. – Corporate Main Office
2095 Route 88, Suite 5
Brick, NJ 08724
Phone: (866) 585-3198
Fax: (877)-598-8645
Email: estimating@universalwrecking.com


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