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Building intelligent gas analyzers using the Axetris LGD F200


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Based on TDLS

Axetris Laser Gas Detection Modules as the perfect platform to build an intelligent gas analyzer system

The Axetris LGD F200 has been designed keeping ease of service in the field in mind. To ensure easy diagnosing and troubleshooting in the field, the LGD F200 comes with a built-in intelligent monitoring system. A number of system parameters related to the laser diode, optical transmission, measurement electronics and algorithm, are continuously monitored. The system provides automatic warning and error messages, enabling early intervention by service personnel to ensure continuous operation of the gas analyzer system.

The status monitoring data can be easily accessed by gas analyzer integrators via the RS232 interface. This data can not only be used for continuous sensor monitoring, but also by service personnel in the field for diagnosing and troubleshooting. If required, the Axetris service support team can support gas analyzer integrators with web-based remote diagnostic sessions.

At the same time, selected relevant data can be built into the gas analyzer HMI/display unit, providing valuable feedback to site personnel, and allowing them to initiate relevant corrective actions for uninterrupted functioning of the gas analyzer system.

Additionally, the LGD comes with a host of intelligent features – in form of a list of software notifications – which support the gas analyzer integrator during the integration/development phase.

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