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Bush previews Abu Dhabi`s planned carbon neutral, car free city


Source: Environment News Service (ENS)

President George W. Bush today saw a model of Masdar City - the world's first zero carbon, zero waste, car free city. Plans call for the green, sustainable city to open by 2009 in the desert sands of this federation of Gulf states that have built their wealth on oil and natural gas.

After viewing a model of the proposed city at the Emirates Palace Hotel, President Bush said, 'We just heard a briefing about how they're going to construct a city based entirely upon renewable energy. It will be an opportunity to see what works and what won't work, and an opportunity to share their technology with others.'

'I appreciate the commitment to conservation and to the environment, and the leadership you've shown here,' the president said before leaving for Dubai and Saudi Arabia on the last leg of his Middle East visit that began January 9 in Israel.

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