Business and 'Sustainability': Risk, Fiduciary Responsiblity and the Laws of Nature


Source: Natural Logic Inc.

Natural Logic president and CEO Gil Friend to speak at the Commonwealth Club


Business and 'Sustainability':
  • Why we're doing so much better than you might think
  • How leading businesses and investors are discovering profit, competitive advantage - and 'regulatory insulation' - by looking through an ecological lens.
  • Why the best - that any of them is doing - is still nowhere near good enough.
  • Why that poses significant risk, and offers substantial opportunity, for businesses, and national economies.
  • Why Boards of Directors, CEOs, and CFOs - not environmentalists - should be leading the sustainability revolution.
  • And how they can.

Tomorrow magazine has called Gil Friend 'one of the country's leading environmental management consultants - a real expert who combines theoretical sophistication with hands-on, in-the-trenches know-how.'

He has invested 30 years in dismantling the popular misconception - held by business executives and environmental activists alike - that we have to choose between financial performance and environmental responsibility.


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