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Article 13, the leading CSR and sustainability consultancy, has released a free feature on combating climate change through business innovation. The feature profiles five best practice examples of climate change action from five quite different sectors. It looks at environmental sustainability in residential and commercial developments, the leaders in the financial sector, leaders in influencing behavioural change, the electronics sector and the role of biogas.

In the fallout from December’s shambolic Copenhagen climate conference, it is timely and heartening to look at some proactive action emerging from the business sector in spite of the ongoing political manoeuvring and discord at the State level. The initiatives profiled serve as a reminder to all organisations, wherever they operate, that individual action can bring positive business benefits and environmental outcomes.

Building efficiency and onsite energy generation are widely endorsed for their key role in decarbonising economies. Article 13’s first CSR case study looks at Canada’s Dockside Green development and demonstrates what this looks like in practice. This mixed use development has achieved LEED Platinum green building certification.

The influence of the finance sector has been well documented over the last eighteen months. The second case study considers what the role of the financial sector might be in facilitating the shift to a low carbon economy. Although the direct impacts of climate change are relatively minor for the banking sector, the indirect exposures of its clients means that banks need to assess the impacts of climate change on the asset quality of their lending and investment portfolios.

The third CSR case study highlights a technology used to heat much of the developing world and explores its applications elsewhere. It considers the science and benefits of using biogas to generate energy, and the opportunities for developed countries.

Change management will be an important facilitator for countries, companies and the broader community alike as moves are made to reduce global greenhouse gas emissions. In this case study, Article 13 explores the role of Al Gore’s climate presenters (The Climate Project) in encouraging local behavioural change.

The final example of CSR best practice looks at the value chain approach of a global electronics company, namely Sharp, in improving its environmental performance and producing greener electronics.

This feature on climate change and business also incorporates two CSR briefing papers which profile two recent climate change reports. The first from Oxfam International looks at the impact of climate change on the developing world as a reminder of why an international agreement is so important. The second was produced by The Climate Group and the Office of Tony Blair outlining how the required emissions could be achieved.

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