Business- NGO forum on safer chemicals policies June 3, 2010 - Washington, D.C.

The Business- NGO Forum on Safer Chemical Policies will gather business leaders and non-governmental organizations (NGOs) in Washington, D.C. to discuss how proposed federal legislation to overhaul the Toxic Substances Control Act of 1976 (TSCA) can meet the needs of and create new opportunities for downstream users of chemicals. In examining the pending reform of federal chemical policy, the purpose of this forum is to:
  • Hear the perspective of legislators, regulators and environmental public health advocates.
  • Discuss the needs of downstream users, including the need for better data and transparency regarding chemicals in the supply chain.
  • Discuss the opportunities and challenges that safer chemicals reform presents to downstream businesses, including the potential market advantage or disruption of transitioning away from chemicals of concern.
  • Explore the common policy interests among downstream users of chemicals, and between businesses and NGOs.

Speakers include

  • Lisa P. Jackson, Administrator, U.S. Environmental Protection Agency
  • Roger McFadden, Vice President, Staples
  • Jeffrey Hollender, Co-founder, Seventh Generation
  • Robin Guenther, Principal, Perkins+Will
  • Howard Williams, Vice President, Construction Specialties
  • Rachelle Wenger, Director, Public Policy & Community Advocacy, Catholic Healthcare West
  • Richard Denison, Senior Scientist, Environmental Defense Fund
  • Patricia Beattie, President, Arcalis Scientific

To apply for participation Also, please join us for visits to Capitol Hill and the administration to share our business perspective. June 4, 2010 - Washington, D.C A growing number of business owners, executives, professionals and investors are adding their voice for the reform of TSCA. Please add yours to our sign on letter. For more information contact: David Levine, American Sustainable Business Council,, Mark Rossi, Business-NGO Working Group on Safer Chemicals & Sustainable Materials,

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