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Business report for 2013 - perspective for 2014


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The art of successful corporate management is not just about increasing turnover each year, but is much more about making sure that earnings increase at a greater percentage rate than turnover.'


Even if this challenge cannot be overcome every year, BD|SENSORS GmbH, the specialist in electronic pressure measurement technology, successfully managed this in 2013 with great skill.

  • The increase in turnover in 2013 compared to the previous year was 12.5%; the increase in cash flow was 39%!
  • The equity ratio is now an impressive 73.4%. If you also add mortgage loans and dormant equity holdings of affiliated companies, the figure is in fact almost 80%
  • The administration per-capita turnover was increased from € 285,950 to € 316,000

In comparison to the competition, this documents a level of effectiveness and efficiency which is unrivalled anywhere else in the world. 2013 was thus once again the most successful year in the company's history! Success has become the norm.

Perspective for 2014

The construction of a new assembly hall (1000 m²) with an office wing (300 m²) in front of it, which began in July 2013, is proceeding to plan. It is anticipated that it will be possible for the new building to go into operation as scheduled in May/June of this year.

In addition, Rainer Denndörfer, CEO of the BD|SENSORS Group, is working very hard on a 20-year plan to ensure that in the long term BD|SENSORS remains a family company very much in the tradition of Germany's successful small and medium-sized enterprises.

Father and son have thus decided to split BDS GmbH into two business areas:

  • Son Stefan will take over the 'Material Procurement/Production' business areas, based in the new building 
  • Father Rainer is responsible for the areas of 'Development / Sales / Competence Center'

In addition, Rainer Denndörfer as the CEO will also oversee the continued internationalisation of the BDS Group.

For instance, the subsidiary BD|SENSORS China has now acquired a piece of real estate in an industrial zone near to Shanghai in order to strategically expand its position in the Chinese market. BD|SENSORS is very much focused on the sales market in China. The procurement market plays a less important role here.


BD|SENSORS will continue to rely on predictable, moderate growth, with safeguarding and increasing profits taking precedence over a growth in sales. The course for a successful future with a sustainability guarantee has thus been set.

Risks emerge less from economic crises, competitors or rising markets. Rather, they tend to be caused by political factors, within the EU and in Germany.

For instance, Germany's 'Wirtschaftsblatt' magazine conducted a survey among small and medium-sized businesses on what economic expectations they have of the new German Government. The majority of them expect that the 'Grand Coalition' will lead to a deterioration in the general economic climate.

This is undoubtedly a indictable offence of the new German Government if you consider how important Germany's small and medium-sized businesses are to the economy of this country.

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