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Business Stream - Changes in English Water Market


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energyTEAM’s annual energy forums were held earlier this year and focused on how businesses could better understand and manage their energy and water usage and costs. Businesses from across the UK were invited to join energyTEAM at the Williams Conference Centre in Oxfordshire and the Old Trafford Football Stadium in Manchester.

Alongside energyTEAM experts, industry suppliers were invited to present to the forum attendees providing an insight to their industry knowledge and experiences. David Seymour is the Head of Market Development at Business Stream, a business water supplier in Scotland currently working with over 90,000 customers. David is responsible for negotiating with English water companies to enable Scottish business customers to switch their water supplier as quickly and easily as possible.

Water Competition

The continuous growth in competition of the water retail market in Scotland has led to the availability of a wider range of water services as well as business customers being able to switch between water companies and renegotiate their terms. A key achievement from competition is that there is greater awareness on the environmental benefits and financial savings available from being Water Efficient.

The Water Act

The Water Act 2014 introduced in May 2014 will open a new market that enables English business customers to choose their water and sewerage Services from 2017 onwards. This reformed legislation will allow for full competition in the Water Market for both England and Scotland.

The act aims to address growing pressure on water resources by making our supply more resilient through new companies offering new sources of water. It also aims to increase competition and encourage new entrants to the market who can offer alternative sources of water or innovative ways of treating sewerage. In his presentation, David comments on Business Stream’s experiences in Scotland and advises organisations how to best prepare for new changes in the English water market.

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