Businesses in Puerto Rico Take Note of Study Linking Indoor Air Quality to Worker Performance


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Zimmetry Environmental provides indoor air quality testing services to identify pollutants and help create an optimal work environment.

Bayamon, Puerto Rico -- Last month, Environmental Health Perspectives published a paper about a study that examined the cognitive function of workers in conventional and green office environments.  The new study has already garnered the attention of business leaders and occupational health professionals in Puerto Rico and across the Caribbean.

Researchers observed two dozen participants over six full work days.  The participants were exposed to indoor environmental quality (IEQ) conditions that were representative of conventional office building environments and those from a green building.  The conventional office environment included higher volatile organic compound (VOC) concentrations in the air.  The green office environment had low VOC concentrations and simulated a high outdoor air ventilation rate (labeled Green+) and artificially elevated carbon dioxide levels independent of ventilation.

Researchers found that the cognitive scores of study participants were an average of 61% higher on days they worked in a building environment with low pollution levels than on the days working in a conventional office environment.  In fact, when carbon dioxide levels were also low, participants working in the green office environment displayed cognitive scores that were 101% higher than when working in the conventional office environment.

“This latest Harvard study shows business leaders in Puerto Rico that providing their workers with good indoor air quality can dramatically increase their workforce’s cognitive ability and this will undoubtedly help to improve the bottom line of their businesses,” said Harry Pena, President of Zimmetry Environmental. “Business leaders in Puerto Rico who want to optimize the indoor environment to get the most out of their workers can turn to the building science professionals at Zimmetry.  We offer not only VOC and CO2 monitoring, but also mold and other occupational allergen and respiratory irritant testing services.”  

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