Businesses Large and Small Should Take a Leaf From The Book of Green `Shining Light` Sectors, Says Green Energy Provider


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LONDON, UNITED KINGDOM -- (Marketwire) -- 11/06/12 -- A recent report on the world's greenest businesses has highlighted finance as a shining example of a sector demonstrating great green credentials. However, businesses large and small can do their bit without significant cost or effort, says green energy uk, a sustainable energy provider.

The report from Smartplanet, a website dedicated to delivering news about eco-friendly developments, showed that seven of the world's top 20 greenest companies were in the financial sector. Telecommunications and IT companies accounted for five places, while the countries of Brazil and India were said to be leading the way as 'planet-friendly' nations.

Doug Stewart, CEO of green energy uk, says: 'It's interesting to see which businesses are exemplary leaders in the sustainability field, and actually it may surprise many people to learn which sectors and countries are the greenest. However, this kind of report obviously covers big players with resources that can dedicate budgets and efforts to green initiatives, and it may make 'ordinary' businesses feel this is a mission out of their reach. This doesn't have to be the case - a company or individual can switch to greener, cleaner energy without significant cost or effort.'

Doug also highlights the merits of implementing green initiatives for businesses. For example, green efforts can form part of a corporate social responsibility policy, which is increasingly important for businesses of all sizes.

'Businesses and consumers alike are taking steps to go green and reduce their carbon footprint, whether it's recycling plastics and paper or car sharing. Conservation and sustainability initiatives are becoming the cornerstones of corporate social responsibility policies. They're also great talking points - the variety of ways in which green energy is being generated are growing and are actually very interesting. Some of the energy we provide comes from sources as wide ranging as pig poo (anaerobic digestion), food waste and used cooking oil,' he added.

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