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Sunny spring day, Weihua crane workshop is busy.  All the staff of Weihua crane stick to their positions.


Workers are busy painting

6:00am in the morning, when you walk in Weihua plant, you can always hear the buzzing sound of welding, it is production line workers busy welding cranes; from the distance, the red 'big Superman 'gradually coming out, it is the beautiful picture the best painting workers drawing; all the office staff are busy 'taking orders, increasing revenue, creating efficiency' for the company. 'Excellent service, excellent quality' makes a lot of customers prefer Weihua crane, if you go to the sales department, each office staff are in cozy chat with customers. Our reception staff is taking customers to visit our plant and get understand of our crane products; the offer staff are detailed answering customer questions.


Machining worker measuring accessories Dimensions

The entire company is busy, customers are busy placing orders and buy cranes; the office staff busy for customers to solve problems and handle the crane business; production line staff are also busy with welding machine, machine tool keep turning, they work duration time day and night for customers.
During the day time, if you look at the whole plant by standing in high place, forklifts, cranes, trucks shuttling back and forth, like foraging ants in the handling of cargo; if you listen carefully, the sound of welding, cutting and variety of mechanical sounds converging beautiful music.
10:00 pm at night, when people in town have been lying in comfortable warm bed, our workshop still with arc shining, polished sound, welding sound broke the silence of the night. Under the halogen lamp, our welders are still welding. 'Wear safety helmet, be careful' Our security officer told the workers with patience.
From morning to night, you can see the busy but orderly scene when you go to Weihua, workers on their duties. We work busy, so that customers place orders early, products were put into production, create their own value; we work busy, allowing companies to seize the order, improve the economic efficiency; we work busy, so that employees get higher benefits. Busy are nutrient, let the company and individuals 'grow.'
With enough motivation, Weihua Crane with all its members have great prospects and is getting better and better.

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