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Buy our noise meters online!

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Pulsar introduces new e-commerce website

Buy noise meters online!

Pulsar Instruments, a leading manufacturer and supplier of noise measurement equipment, announces the arrival of our new online shop. This brings to completion a project to redesign our website with our customers in mind and most importantly provide our noise measurement products directly to them within just a few clicks!

You’ll find everything you need for noise measurement on our website: noise meters, dosemeters, noise-activated warning signs and acoustic calibrators. We believe we’ve made the product buying process is as simple as possible, however our friendly team are still on hand to offer one-to-one advice and product support as always.

Our website still has all the great content people love including our solutions for managing and controlling noise, our Guides on how to protect people from noise-induced hearing loss, and our advice-focused blog so we encourage everyone to visit and explore the site.

Take control of noise today and visit www.pulsarinstruments.com