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Specialized optics design for USA mining exploration and production of Lithium.

For lithium analysis in rock, soil, clays, and brines in both initial and advanced lithium exploration projects.

• Detection to 0.02ppm Lithium. Also simultaneous detection and display of Lithium, Sodium, Potassium, Calcium and Barium.

• Results in seconds, low to zero drift.

• Results comparable to ICP & XRF atfar lower initial and operating cost of ownership.

• “Just Add Gas” we do the rest. Runs on common Bar-B-Que propane cylinders. Adapter supplied.

• No special skills needed; no Spectroscopist required. Most master in 90 minutes from opening the box.

• Supplied software-instrumentto your PC. Data in .csv format. You create your Excel spreadsheets And internet share for distributed data sharing.

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