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By 2010-04-21


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The purpose of this sprint is to generate a new Well Testing page, finish a few reports and to make a few new features that we know will be useful.

The main items in the next two weeks will be:

  • We will rewrite part of the code to enable the direct aggregations in the user interface for water on fields with different start of day.
  • A brand new Emissions > Well Testing page will be made. This will provide the same functionality as the other emission pages. It will:
    • Conform with the other pages
    • Be more powerful
    • Be easier to use
  • Display error for the log on the Utilities page will be fixed
  • The option to choose your units on the Emissions > Loading / Storage pages will be added
  • A new feature to display the complete log will be published. This enables filters and more powerful log searches.
  • Several new Environmental Performance Reports will be published. These are chemical performance reports for Norwegian operations.
  • User group bulk update. This feature will make it easier to update user groups with new access rights.
  • Possibility to use '<' (less than) for water analysis.
  • Used energy will be included on the combustion summary pages under Emissions.
  • We know that these updates will make Nems Accounter both more powerful and at the same time easier to use.

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