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By 2010-12-01


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This sprint will focus on the new PON Tracker.

The main new tasks in this sprint are all related to the PON15 tracker:

  • Complete all grid functionality:
    • Export all to excel file, copy all
    • Log functionality
    • Filter usage entries (date, tag etc)
    • Number formatting
    • Validation
    • Include the producer in the drop down, when selecting chemicals
  • PON Tracker - add usage pages for PON15 types C, D and F (in addition to B)
  • Create and test migration script for
    • Extract general tag-information from ChemicalConsumerTag and create subtypes for the operation groups Drilling and production
    • Include deleted data in the migration
    • Use chemical matching algorithm from EEMS in migration
    • Log should be migrated
    • Create nemsintegration test for new and old usage data
    • Create relevant dbFit tests
  • Generate a PON15 follow up report based on the new data structure
  • PON Tracker - Permit grid, details. All retrieved information should be available in a pop-up
  • PON Tracker - Create Chemical Usage Summary grids

We include the following tasks in addition to the PON Tracker:

  • Enhancement of the report flow for the new EEMS reporting framework
  • Unit conversions will be implemented directly in the paste dialog
  • Validation of the migration scripts for components in produced water. This is an upcoming enhancement.

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