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By 2010-12-23


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This sprint will be a short one. We will finish this sprint next Thursday - just in time for Christmas.

The following tasks is included:

  • Bulk update feature on the PON Tracker. The following basic rules will be implemented:
    • Open dialog with all available chemicals on the permit
    • Single entry for period
    • Only save the rows with complete and validated data
    • Empty rows will be ignored
    • Partial complete rows should give validation error, user should not be able to save data from dialog in this case
  • Alarm framework for the PON Tracker
    • Services for generating the alarms
    • Displaying the alarms in the grid
    • Include sub warnings in the PON Report
  • Fix minor missing items on the PON Tracker:
    • Hide the Annual Chemical Permit tab in the permit dialow if the PON type is not PON15D
    • Push the PON Report to Excel
    • Add a filter for the permits page (Show only the active permits by default)
    • Tab order: After the last cell: Go to Save
    • Add comments column.
    • Permit dialog: Total chemicals - and annual tab: add export to excel functionality
    • Modify the access rights: only admins should be able to edit/add tabs
    • PON report: show well name where applicable
    • Permit dialog -> Retrieval details tab: Some minor modifications to the layout
    • Grid: all headers should be two lines height, second line show unit. Limit the column width where possible
    • Trigger import from UK oil portal every night (dependent on response from UK Oil Portal)

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