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By 2011-01-12


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The first sprints in the new year will be concentrated on tuning the annual authority reports. This first one will also include the last items on the PON Tracker.

The PON Tracker items to be included on this sprint are:

  • Tuning the alarm system.
  • Updating the dropdown functionality
  • Moving the PON Follow up Report. It will available directly from the PON detail pop-up
  • Verifying the alarm rules
  • Create default functionality for data entry
  • Add information on permit and calculation method on the Info pages
  • Set up nightly autoimport of Permits from the Oil Portal

The EEMS items included:

  • EEMS framework - validation and feedback:
    • Instant validation
    • Server validation
    • User feedback on EEMS login
    • In18nize feedback
  • Adding the new radioactivity reports:
    • RadDescaleAcids
    • RadDescaleHPJet
    • RadProdWater
    • RadTracerStudies
  • Migrate the existing reports to the new framework

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