By bike to the Sea, a CO2 free bicycle tour from Bucharest to Black Sea


Source: ALLCOT

By bike to the Sea, a bicycle tour from Bucharest till the sea, has become an event CO2 free thanks to CARBON EXPERT from Romania and ALLCOT Group from Switzerland.

This event, which has been held for 11 years, gathered 450 amateur cyclists at the end of April, 26-28, who rode a distance of 305 kilometers.

The emissions of this event, 15tn of CO2, came from 5 trucks for food, 8 buses, and 10 assistence cars on the way back to Bucharest and from the accommodation of the cyclists in an hotel for one night  These emissions are going to be offset with carbon credits from a biogas landfil project, certified by the Verified Carbon Standard (VCS).

Beach riders were of all ages, from adolescents to seniors, and many of them were from Bucharest, but there were groups that come from Craiova, Brasov, Cluj or Constanta.

By bike to the Sea was the first of a series of laps assisted amateurs. This year, the organizers proposed Delta laps in Sinaia, the Danube Boilers and Transylvania. More information about this is on

There were important partners with cyclists this year, not only during the race but also by promoting the event and related products sporting effort, such us Danone, Carrefour or Isostar.

“ALLCOT is delighted to be partnering with Carbon Expert to offset the emissions of this event, bacause one of our aims is to promote sustainability in sport”, says Alexis L. Leroy, CEO, ALLCOT.

Casiana Fometescu, CO2 and energy consultant from CARBON EXPERT, agrees with Alexis L. Leroy. “It is very important to promote sustainability through sport and we will continue doing this in the next years”.

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