C&D waste volumes in Europe to increase by 26% by 2020


A recent report from Frost & Sullivan forecasts that by 2020 the volume of construction, demolition and excavation waste produced across Europe will increase to over 1.1bn tonnes - a rise of 26% from the 885m tonnes produced in the region in 2012.

'Market development is strongly driven by the Waste Directive (2008/98/EC), wherein C&D waste must achieve a cycling target of 70 percent by 2020,' said Frost & Sullivan Energy & Environmental Research Analyst Monika Chrusciak. 'Market revenues will also get a leg up from the future optimisation of collection and recycling technologies.'

With backfilling and low value construction applications dominating as the areas where recycled sand and aggregates are deployed the increasinging volumes will demand that advanced processing systems for the treatment of construction, demolition and excavation waste are more widely adopted.

One example of a plant which will deliver on this requirement is the recent CD&E waste recycling plant installed by CDE Global in Stuttgart in a project supported by the Eco-Innovation fund - a programme from the EU which seeks to ensure the widespread adoption of environmental technologies across the European Union.

The CD&E waste recycling plant in Stuttgart, Germany processes 60 tonnes per hour of construction, demolition and excavation waste and produces high value recycled sand and aggreates with application in the manufacture of concrete and other high value construction applications.

'The quality of the recycled sand and aggregates we are producing from our plant represents a real opportunity to move recycled material up the value chain' explains Marc Jennings of CDE Global. 'These plants have already been widely adopted in the UK over the last decade and we now hope that Europe will follow.'

According to CDE Global with many of the regions in Europe being well on target to comfortably meet the targets of the Waste Directive (which require 70% of this waste to be recycled by 2020) the time has come to look again and what the industry should be targeting. 

'The time has come to stop targeting a meaningless 100% recycling target and focus instead on improving the quality of the sand and aggregates that we produce' says Peter Craven of CDE Global. 'It is only by doing this that we will ensure we extract maximum value from this waste stream and maximise the commercial opportunity it presents.'

CDE Global will host a series of open day events at their new recycling plant in Stuttgart, Germany from Tuesday 16th to Thursday 18th September. You can find out more about these events and how to register to attend on the CD&E waste reycling plant open day events page.

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