C87s delivered in Vietnam


Source: Conver BV

Early June a new C87s was put into service. The standard Cutter Suction Dredger, which was delivered by DHV, will be used to clean the two sedimentation ponds of the Hai Duong water treatment plant.

Water is pumped from the nearby river into the two ponds. Once in the ponds, sand, clay and silt particles sink and settle onto the bottom. Next the water can be further treated before use. It is expected that the ponds will have to be dredged 2-4 times per year to maintain the storage capacity of the ponds. The floating discharge pipe connects the dredger to a 350m long on-shore pipeline, which takes the sediments back to the river.

The dredger is completely standard and has a 6 '(150mm) dredge pump, a swivelling ladder with slurryhead, 4 hydraulic winches and its own unique propulsion system. It’s compact dimensions made it easy to handle and transport, with the limited means that were available in Vietnam.

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