C900 Pellet Mill Fully Loaded


Source: Van Aarsen International B.V.

The Van Aarsen pellet mill is well known in the market but remains a machine open to interesting developments especially where energy savings, easier maintenance and higher level of automation are concerned. The Compact 900XL model on exhibition at the Victam Europe 2007 demonstrated the latest breakthroughs in pellet mill technology.

Many people took a closer look at our pellet mill and in particular the motor operated roller adjustment, for separate adjustment of both rollers, as well as the slip detection on the rollers.

The C900XL version has an internal die diameter of 900mm and a die width of 325mm with an effective die surface of 9189mm² and can be executed with a motor of up to 400kW. Distinguishing features of the Van Aarsen Compact pellet mills in general and the C900XL in particular are the high capacities and the excellent pellet quality, which can be attributed to the large effective die area and an optimal peripheral velocity of the dies.

Further to that the hygiene specification is brought to a higher-level adjustments in the pellet chamber interior, heating and insulation of the pellet mill door and a hot air system for drying and heating up the system.

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