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CA reuse efforts to continue in new water year


Source: Global Water Intelligence (GWI)

Although California entered its 2017 water year on 1st October in a relatively healthy condition, Metropolitan Water District officials warned this week that the state cannot afford to ease up on its conservation and recycling efforts.

Despite improved water allocations and storage levels, MWD continues to explore a large-scale water recycling scheme, while an increasing number of water authorities are investigating potable reuse initiatives, spurred on by the availability of Proposition 1 funding.

The state’s Central Valley Project began the 2017 water year with 4.9 million acre-feet (6 billion m3) of stored water – an increase of 2 million acre-feet on the previous year. However, the 2017 level stands at 82% of the 15-year average.

In response to improving conditions throughout 2016, the state eased mandatory conservation requirements in August, while State Water Project allocations have also been increased – MWD received a 60% allocation in 2016, up from 15% in 2015.

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