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Cabinet office confirms plans for Quangos


Source: Environmental Protection UK

Following earlier announcements that the Royal Commission on Environmental Pollution is to be axed and the Health Protection Agency subsumed into a new Public Health Service within the Department of Health, the Cabinet Office has announced the fate of over 400 other bodies.

These include

  • The Environment Agency & Natural England – to be retained but to substantially reformed in to a 'more efficient and customer focused organisation'. (The Welsh Assembly Government is considering whether to restructure the EA in Wales to form a WAG Environmental Body, together with Countryside Council for Wales and the Forestry Commission in Wales).
  • Committee on the Medical Effects of Air Pollutants & the Committee on Medical Aspects of Radiation in the Environment – both to be reconstituted as Department of Health Public Health Service Expert Committees.
  • Air Quality Experts Group, and Advisory Committees on Pesticides, Hazardous Substances & on Packaging – all to be reconstituted as Defra Expert Committees.
  • Expert Panel on Air Quality Standards – abolished.
  • Local Better Regulation Office – while Primary authority and other deregulatory functions are to be maintained and an appropriate delivery mechanism for technical expertise will be announced later this year.
  • Regional development Agencies – abolished and functions transferred to central and local government.

The fate of the Sustainable Development Commission is still under consideration following Defra's earlier announcement to withdraw funding at end of 2010/11, as is that of the UK Atomic Energy Authority where the results of a review of its functions is expected later in October.

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