Cable recycling from Cogelme


Source: Cogelme S.r.l.

Magnetic & Eddy Current separators manufacture today announce an expansion of it’s separators line and presents a complete separation system also for cables, wires and computer boards recycling.

The cables separation system recover pure copper, aluminium or other valuable metals granules from plastics, rubber and paper. Compact and comfortable design combines granulation, aspiration and separation system. The system helps to improve productivity while minimizing scrap and downtime.

Cogelme is one of the best Italian producers of metal separators. For more than 20 years provides separation knowledge and solutions for broad spectrum of materials recycling applications: Plastic, Rubber, Glass, Urban Waste, Electronic Waste, Wood, Stones, Sand, Demolition Waste, Car Scrap, Incinerator ash and wherever metals are found.

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