Cache Water Restoration Project


Source: Intermountain Environmental, Inc.

SCADA & Telemetry Project

July 2, 2012 Logan, Utah -- IEI has been awarded the contract to design and install a SCADA type system for the Cache Water Resoration Project in Logan Utah.  The system will include multiple sites that measure and report flow data, as well as, a few sites that will require the control of gates and valves.  We will be installing the Campbell Scientific micro control system with a 900 MHz radio as the telemetry option.

The Cache Water Restoration Project (CWRP) was initiated in the aftermath of the July 2009 landslide on the hillside below 400 North in Logan which breached a section of the Logan and Northern Canal.  Due to public safety concerns associated with the unstable hillside, a section of canal was closed indefinitely, preventing water distribution to shareholders.  The CWRP seeks to manage the design and construction of measures to restore water to shareholders and provide safe and reliable water delivery solutions.  

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