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Cadmium in Chinese jewellery causes uproar


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Cadmium levels in children's jewellery sometimes exceed 90 per cent. The fact that the items were manufactured in China and exported to the US has caused great havoc in public debate in both countries.

After a report first published by Associated Press recently revealed that levels of cadmium are high in children's jewellery from China, both US and Chinese authorities look deeper into the matter.

From Hong Kong, a Chinese official promised that China's product safety agency will look into the findings. In the US, many store chains, including Wal-Mart, have already called back the products in fear of public opinion in the matter. US media quote CPSC experts warning parents to take away cadmium containing trinkets from their kids.

The report comes at a time when the US Environmental Protection Agency is judged to be very active. At the same time, product recalls and lawsuits because of toxic contents in products are getting more common and the introductions of new US environmental legislation are commonplace.

Also, in the retoric between the two nations, conflicting views have been hailing with threats and actual enforcements of tariffs and trade barriers on products exported and imported between the two nations.

Heavily restricted
Cadmium is heavily restricted in many countries' and markets' environmental legislation, and poses a real danger to health and the environment. In the US, many laws focus on children's toys and healthcare articles. Jewellery which children wear on or in close contact with their skin should definitely not contain such substances.

Even so, the present debate may indicate strong forces calling for further restrictions both as regards health-endangering substances in the US and calls for trade sanctions between the US and China.

Text: Hansi Elsbacher/Greentech info

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