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Cadmium, like lead, a problem in Chinese children’s products


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According to a report from the Associated Press (AP) cadmium is showing up in imported Chinese children’s jewelry at alarming levels. The AP had 103 pieces of children’s jewelry that are sold in the United States tested for cadmium and 12 of the items had cadmium levels ranging from 10 to 91% by weight. Currently there are no government restrictions on cadmium in jewelry, but the news has caused several major retail chains to remove products sited to contain dangerous levels of the metal. The report concerning cadmium comes on the heels of recent concerns raised over the last several years regarding lead in children’s products imported from China. As manufacturers began using other materials in place of lead, cadmium which is also a soft metal, appears to have taken its place at times.

Many experts agree cadmium is an even more dangerous heavy metal than lead. Cadmium can be extremely toxic even in low concentrations. This raises concerns over children’s jewelry as children will often put items and their hands in their mouths. The material does bio-accumulate and is an environmental hazard. The metal is a known carcinogen and is believed to be associated with numerous cancers. Cadmium, like lead, can also hinder brain development in children.

The U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC) announced last month that they had opened an investigation into the reports of cadmium containing jewelry. LA Testing, an affiliate of EMSL Analytical, has the expertise and state-of-the-art testing equipment to test products for the toxic metal. “Just as parents began to feel that issues regarding lead in their children’s products had been addressed, now a new threat emerges,” reported Ben Sublasky, National Director of Client Services for EMSL Analytical and LA Testing. “Our laboratories offer testing solutions for the general public and industry to confirm products do not contain cadmium.”

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