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Cairo Agreement Brings Hydro International Grit King® to Egypt


Source: Hydro International

Hydro International announces that Intech Ltd, a major Cairo engineering firm, has signed a licence agreement for the manufacture and sales of 5 sizes of the Hydro International Grit® King separator within Egypt. The agreement comes on the heels of several successful Egyptian installations where the Grit King® has proven to be cost-effective at removing grit and sand from wastewater flows.

Intech Chairman Hazem Kamal says, “We are delighted to be able to manufacture the Grit King® with Hydro’s agreement. It has a great future in Egypt, where investment in infrastructure projects and pollution control is increasing. As it does not require power, is very low maintenance and highly reliable, it is ideal for rural and remote locations, for example the growing population of Northern Egypt.”

Graeme Fenton, Export Manager for Hydro International continues, ”Our relationship with Intech started at the IFAT Exhibition in 2005, and continued with the successful installation of two Grit King® Separators upstream of a low energy biological treatment process in 2006. Egyptian import restraints make this limited transfer of technology, under license, a logical move, and we are delighted to be able to work with Intech.”

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