Cal-Bay International Negotiating Assemblage of 400 Acre Land Parcels for Renewable Clean Energy Forest Division


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LAS VEGAS, NV -- (Marketwire) -- 01/17/12 -- Cal-Bay International, Inc. (PINKSHEETS: CBYI) today announced the company is negotiating a land acquisition deal for its renewable forest division for the production of Clean Energy & Power.

The company has entered negotiations for the purchase of multiple non food producing land parcels in Northwest Arizona AKA THE WHITE HILLS / TEMPLE BAR AREA. The barren land is an idealistic location for the plantation of the company's first renewable forest, with ample opportunity for expansion when required. The land purchase is expected to cost less than $500K for the entire 400 acre parcels with a portion of seller financing involved in the terms. This upcoming interstate 11 corridor along with recent completion of the Hoover Dam Bypass opens the doors for major expansion of Cal-Bay's operations in the region.

When harvested the 400 acres of renewable forest feedstock is expected to yield in excess of 10,000 tons of dry premium cellulosic feedstock per harvest containing almost twice the ethanol yield of sugar cane. The renewable forest is one of the few forms of Bio-Mass feedstock than can produce liquid fuel and electricity from the same feedstock.

After harvesting the 400 acres will be capable of generating in excess of 800,000 gallons of ethanol vehicle fuel a year or in excess of 11,000 megawatts of electricity. For Clean Power production only 2.5 megawatts are required daily to operate the adaptive plant: the residual energy will be routed directly in to the grid system for maximum revenue from the production of Clean Electricity. The company is actively pursuing a number of State & Federal Carbon and Alternative Grants and credits.

The process for the production of Ethanol and Clean Power takes place on site by use of a potable adaptive gasification system. Cal-Bay is currently analyzing test results of three systems, before final acquisition of the equipment. For fuel production an overall summary of the system shows the premium feedstock is cut into pellet sized chips and converted into a synthetic gas 'Syngas' which is fed into fermentation tanks, where microbes convert it to ethanol. For the production of 'Clean Power' as a result of the excessive heat the 'Syngas' undergoes an additional process and cannot be fed directly to the microbes. At these temperatures the heat would eliminate them. Instead, the system captures the steam and heat and passes it through a turbine network thus generating its own power from production operations and of course reducing the operating costs and ultimately cost of production. The company plans to expand the renewable forest operations with additional similar sized land parcel acquisitions. The renewable forest projects are extremely low maintenance will grow under most barren land conditions requiring only 300 gallons per tree of waste water or sewage for irrigation annually. The gross revenues based on current fuel and power rates for each 400 acre parcel including federal and state credits is expected to generate in excess of $4M per harvest. Dependent upon geographic location and natural conditions 1.5 harvests are projected every 2 years.

Primarily a Residential & Commercial Real-Estate acquisition and development company, Cal-Bay plans to continue the acquisition of distressed and undervalued residential and commercial real estate along with land acquisitions. The land and commercial properties being primarily for use by its own subsidiary companies for the production of 'Clean Energy & Power Technologies and Energy Saving Solutions' creating a multi-level revenue center for the company and its Investors. More Information will be available on the company website currently operational and under ongoing development.

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