Cal/EPA applauds UC report on green chemistry

Linda Adams, California’s Secretary for Environmental Protection issued the following statement on the report, “Green Chemistry: Cornerstone to a Sustainable California” issued by the University of California, The Centers for Occupation and Environmental Health:

“The University of California’s green chemistry report supports and reinforces the significance of the state’s new environmental protection initiative on green chemistry. The University of California is an important partner in our efforts to establish a first-of-its-kind comprehensive policy for managing toxic chemicals in products.

“California has the opportunity to lead the nation in creating safer substitutes that today’s global markets demand, creating new jobs and products that improve the state’s economy. There has been a great deal of momentum to develop a comprehensive green chemistry policy which we’ll reveal this month.”

The Cal/EPA Green Chemistry Initiative, initiated by Secretary Adams in May 2007, is a collaborative approach for identifying options to significantly reduce the impacts of toxic chemicals on public health and the environment.
In a memo to her directors initiating the Green Chemistry Initiative, Secretary Adams wrote: “In the absence of a unifying approach, interest groups and policy makers have been attempting to take these issues on one-by-one.

Product by product, chemical by chemical, and now even city by city approaches can often have unintended, even regrettable consequences, even with the best of intentions. I believe we need to develop a coordinated, comprehensive strategy….”

The Agency’s report will be a compilation of the more-than 800 policy options gathered during public workshops, through web-based discussions and via formal statements from various stakeholders.The Green Chemistry Initiative is expected to provide recommendations for developing a consistent means for evaluating risk, reducing exposure, encouraging less-toxic industrial processes, and identifying safer, non-chemical alternatives. Most importantly, the Green Chemistry Initiative will ensure a comprehensive and collaborative approach, to increase accountability and effectiveness of environmental programs across state government.

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