Caledonian MacBrayne Buy AC-ROV


Source: AC-CESS Co Uk Ltd

AC-CESS the manufacturer of the world leading AC-ROV underwater inspection system announces the sale of an AC-ROV vehicle to Scottish West Coast and Islands ferry operator Caledonian MacBrayne (CalMac).

After receiving a demonstration of the cutting edge capabilities of the AC-ROV at Seawork Exhibition (Southampton, England), CalMac representative Mr John Solton was convinced of the need for such technology in the CalMac fleet:

“It’s the best underwater vehicle of this type I’ve seen. We can now carry out on the spot prop and hull inspections with the minimum of fuss and disruption. The AC-ROV ticks all our inspection boxes: it fits in one case, is very rapid to deploy (under 3 minutes), it fly’s sideways, is robust and simple to use. It even attaches itself to ship hulls and glides along it!”

Mr Salton was staggered to see the AC-ROV capability of sucking itself onto a surface and then ‘gliding’ along it to carry out the inspection – all standard AC-ROV’s have this industry first ability, no modifications or hybrids required.

CalMac currently owns and operates a modern fleet of 31 vessels providing passenger, vehicle and shipping services to the islands off the West Coast of Scotland and in the Clyde estuary. There are currently 26 routes within the network. In 2004, more than 5 million passengers and over one million accompanied cars were carried on the Company’s services.

CalMac combines over 150 years of experience of serving the islands and ports on the west coast of Scotland.

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