The Auditing Roundtable - Part of IIA

The Auditing Roundtable - Part of IIA

Call for Papers-Brussels 2015 - The Auditing Roundtable

Fall 2015 International Workshop Brussels, Belgium – October 14-15, 2015 The Future for Auditing Call for Papers-Deadline July 1, 2015

The Auditing Roundtable (“Roundtable”) has been promoting the professional practice of Environmental, Health & Safety, Sustainability, and related auditing for over 30 years. In an effort to draw upon the talent, insights, and creativity of all of our Members, the Roundtable is actively seeking ideas, assistance, and participation in the planning for the Fall International Workshop 2015.

The Auditing Roundtable needs your ideas and is looking for panels, presentations and case studies for its 2015 Workshop in Brussels, Belgium.  We have attached a tentative agenda.  This meeting will be held at the Royal Windsor Hotel Grand Place in Brussels, Belgium.

Fall 2015 Workshop:  Needs and Opportunities

Speakers Needed for the Following Topics:

-What's in your audit program? Looking for a panel of three from industry.

-Technology Presentation.  These are always well received

-Case Studies: a perennial favorite. We are always seeking company representative(s) to present a case study. On anything. We’ve had great presentations on how companies integrated Security, how they’ve revamped their programs, how they integrated an acquisition. Whatever you’ve gone through will be of interest to Members. If you’ll present, we’ll listen.  

-Other ideas you would like to share with us.

Selection Criteria

The Meetings Committee will consider any and all topics for inclusion on the meeting agenda, and will select from applications at their sole discretion. Consideration will be given to:

1.     Current, timely nature of the topic

2.     Relevance to EHS/S auditing, or the field in general

3.     Ability to highlight Member involvement, expertise, or contributions

4.     Ability and willingness of individuals to commit to making presentation, providing content, or finding someone to do so

5.     Overall fit with other presentations or sessions, so as to create logical panels or discussions

6.     References or other assurance that presenter has good presentation skills

7.     Alignment with the selected theme (TBD - suggestions welcomed)

You need not meet all these criteria to offer a suggestion or express an interest. If a topic is not selected for this workshop, it may be suitable for a webinar at a later date.

How to Offer Suggestion or Express Interest

If you or a colleague is interested, please submit your proposal on the attached form.  Please note that, if your proposal is accepted, we intend to use this submittal as the basis for our program announcement and publicity. 

Click Here to submit: Call for Papers-Brussels 2015

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