The Auditing Roundtable - Part of IIA

The Auditing Roundtable - Part of IIA

Call for Papers - The Auditing Roundtable Spring 2016 National Meeting


The Auditing Roundtable (“Roundtable”) has been promoting the professional practice of Environmental, Health & Safety, Sustainability, and related auditing for over 30 years. The “crown jewel” of our group has been our national meetings. In an effort to draw upon the talent, insights, and creativity of all of our Members, the Roundtable is actively seeking ideas, assistance, and participation in the planning for the national meeting. The Auditing Roundtable Spring meeting will take place on April 11-13, 2016 at the Mission Palms Hotel in Tempe, AZ (Phoenix area).

Spring Meeting:  Needs and Opportunities

We are looking for speakers to present on any of the following topics:

  • Career Proofing
  • Challenges faced by young auditors
  • Risk Based Audit Management
  • Expansion of audits to more manufacturing
  • Next Generation Workplace-organizational issues important to millennials
  • How to make sure your audit is adding value to sites overwhelmed with audits

We also need folks to facilitate Industry Sector Break-Outs:

  • Energy (Includes Oil & Gas) and Mining
  • Utilities
  • Biotech, Pharmaceuticals & Health
  • Chemicals, Paper & other General Industry (Includes Transportation)

Selection Criteria

The Meetings Committee will consider any and all topics for inclusion on the meeting agenda, and will select from applications at their sole discretion. Consideration will be given to:

  1. Current, timely nature of the topic
  2. Relevance to EHS/S auditing, or the field in general
  3. Ability to highlight Member involvement, expertise, or contributions
  4. Ability and willingness of individuals to commit to making presentation, providing content, or finding someone to do so
  5. Overall fit with other presentations or sessions, so as to create logical panels or discussions
  6. References or other assurance that presenter has good presentation skills
  7. Alignment with the selected theme  (TBD - suggestions welcomed)
  8. Opportunity to collaborate another organization that complements the Roundtable’s mission and goals (for example, we have involved AWMA, ASSE, ACHMM, the World Resources Institute, and others). This also extends to regulatory authorities, academia, and others who align closely with the Roundtable’s mission and goals.

You need not meet all these criteria to offer a suggestion or express an interest. If a topic is not selected for a national meeting, it may be suitable for a regional meeting, or a webinar – or a later national meeting.

How to Offer Suggestion or Express Interest

If you or a colleague is interested, please submit your proposal on the attached form.  Please note that, if your proposal is accepted, we intend to use this submittal as the basis for our program announcement and publicity. 

For more information, please contact us. 

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