CAMBI AS participates in this year’s Climate Ride, New York City – Washington DC


Source: Cambi Group AS

OSLO -- CAMBI AS takes their slogan “Recycling Energy” seriously, participating in this year’s Climate Ride, New York City – Washington DC. To celebrate Cambi’s first Advanced Anaerobic Digestion plant in the US, Øystein Hjelm, Cambi’s Design Manager in Washington DC, will participate in this year’s Climate Ride. Climate Ride is a non-profit organization that organizes charitable bike rides to support sustainable solutions, bike advocacy and environmental causes.  That goes well together with the result from Cambi’s plant in Washington. The plant is going to be the world’s largest Thermal Hydrolysis Plant.  When finished, it will reduce DC Water’s carbon footprint by approximately 60,000 tonnes of CO2 per year.

Øystein Hjelm (29) has been employed with Cambi for 4 years, and last fall he moved to Washington DC with his family to be Site Manager during the construction of Cambi’s Advanced Anaerobic Digestion plant at DC Water Blue Plains. “ I am really looking forward to these 300miles of bicycling,” Øystein Hjelm says. “Not only the chance to see more of US’s east coast, but also the opportunity to support  the environmental cause, and to contribute to fulfill Cambi’s vision To Improve The World’s ecological Balance”. The US bike ride for sustainable solutions, granted $300,031 to 25 nonprofit beneficiary organizations last year. To be allowed to participate, Cambi donated 2400$ to this good cause. Cambi’s slogan “Recycling Energy” .

The ride begins with a pedal through the heart of Manhattan on May 19 and ends up in DC on May 23. During these 5 days, Cambi will have a webcam on showing the ride mile by mile. The camera will be mounted on Øystein’s helmet showing live show every day during his 300 miles of bicycling.

About the Company

Cambi’s patented Thermal Hydrolysis Process (THP) treats municipal and industrial biosolids and biowaste prior to anaerobic digestion. The process has been applied in 27 biogas plants worldwide with the first in operation for more than 16 years. Cambi supplies turnkey projects with turnkey projects with high performance digestion and reliability backed up by operational support.Cambi has been involved in the development of environmental technology since 1989.

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